Essential CONNECTions

Workshop for Teams - beyond Language

In this 1-day Workshop designed for teams and groups of people from companies, organizations, schools, clubs, etc. we consciously get out of our heads and into our whole bodies. We consciously, carefully and playfully explore the connection with ourselves and with others without words, without language, but with our senses and our bodies – through observation, sensing, precensing, movement, sounds, creative expression and play.

Connections are the basis and lifeline of our daily lives – whether private or professional.
When we are well connected – both internally with our own Essence and externally with others – things flow.

While we know the importance of connections and to more or less degree foster a whole network of them, we rarely truly pay attention to the connection itself and most of us have never learnt how to even do that nor what it actually means.

In a world, where we spend most of our days sitting and doing things ‘in our heads’, more and more disconnected from the rest of our body and being, and a world of numerous social media and online connections, yet less true deep personal connections, we find, that

more and more people yearn for and seek true Connections
o with themselves
o with others
o with nature and the world around them

Are you ready to truly connect?
Are you ready for the magic that happens when you show up and meet someone in the relational field with pure curiosity, openness and joy?